24 Nov 2021

In 2020, the Grand Duchy was recognized as the main financial center of Europe. Having AAA international credit rating the country offers the highest standards of living, stability and security. Start-ing from 1929 Luxembourg’s corporate legislation has been built around investment activities, and is now the most convenient for structuring cross-border investments.

Over the last decade, Luxembourg has become an innovation leader in the European market. It attracts high-tech startups and entrepreneurs planning to enter the European market and grow globally. Having successfully worked with investors and entrepreneurs for more than ten years, ZIFFER, Luxembourg's leading provider of corporate and family office services to Russian-speaking high net worth clients, has become part of the startup ecosystem in Luxembourg. ZIFFER’s team has accumulated valuable experience in business administration and development, while constant introduction of new technologies makes its services accessible and convenient for startups.

The article is in Russian https://expert.ru/2021/11/24/lyuksemburg-dlya-liderov-investitsiy/