15 Jun 2022

On 29 April 2022 a charity concert by renowned musicians, a violinist Alena Baeva and a pianist Vadim Kholodenko, took place in Banque de Luxembourg. The concert was organized by the non-profit organisation RUHelp a.s.b.l. – Russians against the war and Ziffer Group. The proceeds from the concert went towards the purchase and delivery of 1,000 books in Ukrainian and 32 educational board games for the library. The donated books have been carefully selected by Olga Alexandrova, one of the best-selling Ukrainian writers, also taking refuge from the war in Luxembourg, and were ordered from the Kyiv-based "Library Krajina" Foundation.

In her speech at the opening ceremony of the Ukranian Children’s library Maria Tkachenko voiced, “We consider this war a catastrophe certainly for Ukraine, but also for Russia. We invested our souls in this library.” Maria quoted a famous proverb, “A name does not make a person but a person makes a name”, and further broadened this proverb stressing, “It is not a nationality that makes people but people who make a nation”, thus encouraging more Russians to raise their voices in opposition against the war.

Maria Tkachenko predicts that the library is just the beginning. She is very motivated to go on with this project believing that it will transform into Ukrainian cultural center with regular cultural activities for children and adults.

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