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ZIFFER 10th Anniversary. Team’s Awards

ZIFFER celebrated its 10th anniversary in December 2020. Last year ZIFFER professionals were awarded with the Order of the Oak Crown, a state award of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

03 Dec 2020

Luxembourg. Limitation of Public Access to the Register of Beneficial Owners

Maria Tkachenko and Petr Ardashev, ZIFFER LU, discuss with Intax Insider the issue of confidentiality of beneficial ownership in Luxembourg: how to live with its transparency, and how to properly structure your assets.

12 Feb 2021

Luxembourg Toolbox for Private Wealth Management

In December 2020, ZIFFER GROUP took part in the Adam Smith Wealth Management & Private Banking Summit 2020.

09 Dec 2020

Why Luxembourg? “Overview tour” for private investor

The participants of the webinar organized by ZIFFER and East-West United Bank learned, why investors from all over the world choose Luxembourg to structure their assets and as their country of residence.

03 Jun 2021