10 Nov 2021

Award winners – Maria Tkachenko, FCCA, Founder and Managing partner of Ziffer Group (“Best Company for Capital Preservation“), Vladimir Lebedev, Bank Otkritie and Andrei Berezin, Managing partner of Raison Asset Management – participated in the radio program on “Russian World” radio station. The speakers shared their vision on the changes in the investment market that have taken place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We are in the business of structuring private capital and providing infrastructure for investments," said Maria Tkachenko, "The pandemic has raised the issue of succession planning to a whole new level. If you use a private wealth management company SPF, a unique investment tool that Luxembourg offers, you can have all your assets in one structure which makes it easier to plan your succession. ZIFFER is a smart back office. We keep assets in order."

Listen to the full version of the program https://russkiymir.ru/media/radio2/programs/all/294431/
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