Corporate structuring and Tax planning

Corporate structuring and tax planning, whether on a personal or business level, are efficient tools in asset protection and succession planning and can lead to significant cost savings and increased profitability.

Company/Fund set-up, Conversion, Migration

After having decided on the corporate structure and the tactics of its implementation or modification, our legal team will be ready to begin the process of registering a new or migrating company, a group or a fund, converting an existing entity from one legal form to another.

Accounting, financial reporting and tax returns

We are exceptionally flexible in establishing an accounting process for your company. Our goal is to make it a part of your operational processes and automate as much as possible.

Corporate Administration

We provide a range of services that may be required on a regular basis – provision of a registered office, director’s services, or on request – temporary staffing, legal and corporate secretarial support, meeting rooms.

Immigration, Relocation and Concierge

Are you looking to change your tax residency? Have you decided that your children will grow up in Europe? Do you think that it is time to bring your business to the European market? Do you need a second home? We can be of service to you.